Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining do?

  • Formulation, articulation and implementation and oversight of the Petroleum policy.
  • We issue exploration licenses for petroleum

Where is the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining located?

Nyayo house Nairobi on the 21st to 24th floor

How does one obtain a license?

By making an application to the office of the PS Petroleum

here is Petroleum found in Kenya?

Petroleum in Kenya is found within the four sedimentary basins namely;

  • Anza basin
  • Lamu basin
  • Mandera Basin
  • Tertiary Rift basin

How much oil do we have in Kenya?

About 750million barrels have been confirmed to exist within the Lokichar basin in the tertiary rift, North Western Kenya.

Do we have natural gas in Kenya?

Yes, from the few wells that we have drilled, we have found viable deposits of natural gas