Hon. John Munyes, Cabinet Secretary

Eng. John Mosonik – Chief Administrative Secretary

He holds an MBA in Strategic Management, Master of Science in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is trained in Corporate Governance.

Eng Mosonik has previously worked in the following capacities: Industrialization Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialization; Director for Strategy at Sameer Group ICT Companies; Deputy Managing Director at Telkom Kenya Limited; and General Manager at Gilgil Telecom Industries among other positions.

He is trained in various fields including Strategic Management and Economic Analysis; Telecoms Engineering and Electronic Technology Production Process, Telecommunications, Executive Management and Telecoms Network.

Andrew Kamau PS, State Department of Petroleum

Andrew Kamau is the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Petroleum, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. Prior to this appointment, he was Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, State Department of Petroleum. He has been working in the energy and mining sector in Africa for over 25 year.

He has extensive experience in the mining and Oil & Gas exploration sectors….

Mr. Martin Mwaisakenyi Heya, Secretary, Petroleum

Mr. Heya graduated in 2008 with MSc in Petroleum Geoscience from the University of Adelaide, Australia and a Bachelor of Science (BSc, Hons) from the University of Nairobi. He has attended professional and management courses within and outside Kenya including Ghana, Swaziland, Norway and Japan.

A member of the Geological Society of Kenya and the Geologist Registration Board of Kenya, Mr. Heya has a wealth of experience having joined the Public Service in 1983 as Geologist II rising to Commissioner, Petroleum, a post he held until 2017 when he was promoted to his current position where he is in charge of the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum functions.

As Secretary, Mr. Heya oversees the development, review and implementation of policies, regulatory and contractual framework for the country’s oil and gas subsectors. He has been instrumental in among others, the acceleration of oil and gas exploration in the country, implementation of the early oil project and the preparation for the Lokichar-Lamu crude oil pipeline project.

Under his stewardship, the Directorate of Petroleum has reviewed the petroleum policy, legal, regulatory and contractual framework for oil and gas; better management of petroleum resources and, fostering co–operation between all stakeholders in the oil and gas business. He has also championed the Capacity building initiative under the World Bank-funded Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP) that aims to strengthen GoK’s capacity to manage the petroleum sector and wealth for sustainable development. To date, over 250 Kenyan Citizens have been trained in various oil and gas related fields.

Mr. Heya has served as an Alternate Director to PS Energy at both the LAPSSET Authority Board and the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) Board. He has also been an Alternate Commissioner to PS Energy at the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Board as well as Chairman of the Steering Committee for organizing the 4th East African Petroleum Conference on the Petroleum Potential and Investment Opportunities in East Africa.

Mr. Mwangi, Secretary Administration and Support Services